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Ph.D. State University of New York at Stony Brook, NY, USA, 1986

M.S. State University of New York at Stony Brook, NY, USA, 1982

B.S. Seoul National University, Seoul, KOREA, 1977

  Mobile Communications

Prior to joining the faculty of Sogang University in 1992, he joined Motorola Communication Systems Research Lab. Shaumburg. IL. USA,  in 1986 where he was a senior staff research engineer and participated in the research and development of digital trunked radio systems (TRS) as well as CDMA digital cellular systems. Since 1992 he has been a faculty member and now is a  professor in the Electronic Engineering Department of Sogang University in Seoul, Korea.


  Research Interests

Mobile communication systems, wireless networks, cell planning, communication satellite systems, traffic modeling and network performance analysis.

  Current Research

Design, performance analysis, control algorithms, and operations of broadband wireless communication systems.


lTau Beta Pi and Eta Kappa Nu

lMember, IEEE, Korea Institute of Communication Sciences (KICS) and Institute of Electronic Engineers Korea (IEEK)

lFormer Chairman, Korea Chapter, IEEE Communications Society

lFormer Chairman, Mobile Communications Technical Activity Group, KICS

lFormer Chairman, Communications Society, IEEK

lDivision Editor, Wireless Communications Division of the Journal of Communications and Networks (JCN)


Selected Publications

1. "Throughput Comparison of CDM and TDM for Downlink Packet Transmission in CDMA Systems with a Limited Data Rate Set," IEEE, Trans. on Wireless Communications, Mar., 2004  IEEE86

2. "CDMA Bunched Systems for Improving Fairness Performance of the Packet Data Services", LNCS, Germany, Oct., 2002. IEEE86

3. "Statistical model of downlink interference for the performance evaluation of CDMA systems", IEEE communications letters, pp.494~496, Nov., 2002 IEEE86

4. "Hierarchical cell deployment for high speed data CDMA systems", WCNC 2002,vol.1, pp.7~10, 2002. 3 IEEE86

5. "Traffic performance analysis of handover in GMPCS systems", IEEE Trans. Veh. Technol., vol. 50, pp.1518-1527, 2001.11 IEEE86

6. "Traffic Model and Performance Analysis for Cellular Mobile Radio Telephone System with Prioritized and Nonprioritized Handoff Procedures", CEAS Technical Report, No. 773 and Applied Sciences, State Univ. of New York, Stony Brook, NY 11794, USA IEEE86

7. "Priority Oriented Channel Access for Cellular Systems Serving Vehicular and Portable Radio Telephones", CEAS Technical Report, No. 774, June 1, 1999, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, State Univ. of New York. Stony Brook, 11794, USA  IEE89  (Version 2 of the 1986 IEEE Trans. on VT paper  )